Our oceans fulfil a variety of functions that are indispensable for the existence and survival of all species, including humans. They are an essential source of water, important climate regulators, and an enormous source of food and biodiversity. Despite their importance, especially for the survival of many communities, there is  a lack of awareness about the  marine species that inhabit our coasts and the problems they  face. Through our experiential educational activities, that encourage  contact with nature and integrate science, culture, art and recreation, we work towards inspiring, delighting, and teaching people to look after, respect and protect our oceans and their biodiversity. 


Due to the need for marine educational material in Chile that is simple and practical, one of our first initiatives is to develop these resources and necessary tools to motivate people to learn more about the diversity of life that inhabits our oceans and  complement learning. Because we often can't reach everyone through our printed educational resources, digital downloads are available through our website, allowing for a greater access of users and regions. We hope our educational material will contribute towards  ocean literacy, conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.



Educating about the oceans and the challenges we must address, including climate change, over-fishing, marine traffic, deep sea mining and pollution, are such big tasks that we cannot face them in isolation.  

Collaboration with other organizations, institutions, people and communities is essential to solve educational and environmental challenges. 

Through collaborative relationships and community outreach,  we encourage an enriching dialogue between the formal processes of education and the wisdom and experience of local communities and their environment. 


Oceanosfera is a non-profit Foundation that was created in June 2019 by three Marine Biologists. We currently operate in Valdivia, Región de Los Ríos, southern Chile.


To educate and inspire people, especially girls and boys, to care for, respect and conserve our oceans

and their biodiversity. 


Create spaces that promote a positive interaction between people, the ocean and marine species, through education, science, art, culture, sports and recreational activities.


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