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Teaching and learning about the importance of the ocean and its biodiversity are now more important than ever, to improve ocean literacy, inspire responsible behavioural changes, informed decision-making and promote respectful attitudes that contribute towards ocean care. Through our nature-based, experiential marine education activities and the use of visual, concrete and hands-on educational resources, we motivate learning, activate the senses and provide moments for reflection and a connection with the marine environment.  We integrate science, culture, art, sports and recreation to inspire and teach people to care for our ocean and the wonderful and diverse life that it contains.


We hope to promote and raise awareness on the importance of the ocean and its protection by using a variety of communication tools. We work towards bringing people closer to the ocean and its marine species. By sharing our knowledge and reaching out to a variety of audiences, we encourage an enriching dialogue between the formal processes of science and education, and the wisdom and experience of local communities and their environment.


Practising sports and outdoor activities at the beach brings multiple benefits. The beach, coast and sea turn into a recreational area and offer direct experiences in nature that can be memorable, transformative and even magical. They can awaken an interest and enthusiasm to learn more about the ocean and protect it. We work towards offering a learning space through the practice of water sports such as sea kayaking and diving, especially aimed at young people that are motivated in accessing these kind of opportunities.  


The ocean is an important part of our natural and cultural heritage. An inseparable link exists between our ocean and the culture of many communities.  Our natural marine heritage includes iconic species that form a part of the historical-cultural heritage of a place, and are recognised locally, nationally or globally for their existence and value. They may also offer us a sense of well-being, of belonging, and a cultural, spiritual or aesthetic connection with the environment.  We hope to inspire learning and conservation through an appreciation of our ocean culture and by representing the ocean and marine life in art.

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